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How to Properly Integrate Trees into Your Landscape Design

How to Properly Integrate Trees into Your Landscape Design
If you want a stunning landscape with plenty of visual interest, you need some trees.

If you want a stunning landscape with plenty of visual interest, you need some trees. Along with their various air quality, temperature, and shade benefits, landscaping is used to add dimension, height, and texture to your landscape. Much like how a painter will use various colors and brushstrokes, a landscaper has to use a few plants, trees, and shrubs. That being said, the primary conflict is deciding which trees you should use and where you should put them. Read on to learn more!

For Frontal Landscapes

In your front landscape, the design needs are quite different from the front. While you still want shade and beauty, you do not want to detract from your house or building. To this end, you’ll want to only pick trees with mature heights of around 25’ or less. Dwarf varieties are a solid option, as are smaller flowering trees like cherry and apple. If you are looking for a more subtle choice, Japanese maple and dogwood trees are great landscaping staples with fabulous foliage.

For Back Landscapes

At the back of your property, height is less of a concern, and the privacy-providing nature of your trees becomes useful. Bigger trees in the back can also provide shade and a cooler area for a deck and patio. Tall, thicker evergreens can be used to create a living privacy screen, while maples, oaks, paper birch, and poplar will create a very dense foliage to help shade your entire home. Your backyard is also an excellent spot for bigger flowering trees like lindens and tulip poplars.

Ornamental Trees

If you are looking to have a focal point within your landscape, a tree may be a fantastic option. Weeping for willows, for example, are gorgeous and dramatic additions to a smaller pond or water feature. A few evergreens can also be trimmed up into a topiary for a unique and fantastic focus for your entire landscape. Your family, friends, and guests will all be taken back by this, and what more could you want from a stunning landscape setup?

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