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How to Pick the Right Spot for Planting a Tree

How to Pick the Right Spot for Planting a Tree
When considering planting a tree around your commercial or residential property, tree selection and placement are key factors.

Planting a new tree can be a wonderful thing. Trees can conserve energy, clean the air, and protect your property. Trees also provide food, preserve soil, and add a lot of value. There are a lot of incredible things that trees can do, which is why it’s never a bad idea to plant one. However, not all trees are equally suited for each planting location. When considering new tree planting around your commercial or residential property, tree selection and placement are essential factors for picking your landscaping effort. Planting in a new spot that favors the tree and the property owner is critical. Read on to learn more!

The Proper Tree for the Job

What will be the function of your tree that is planted? A big leafy tree near a structure can provide cooling shade with its branches from the intense summer sun. If deciduous, it will lose its leaves during the all, allowing the winter sun to help warm up your home, lowing energy consumption in the process.

An evergreen tree with its dense year-round foliage planted near the outside of a property can contribute to your home or business’s privacy, along with providing much-welcomed shelter during the windy days. Street trees that are planted along roadways can reduce any rain runoff, pavement glare and improve the quality and property value of your neighborhood.

The Right Tree for Your Space

Trees can only provide their desired function if they are planted in the right spot, a location where they won’t interfere with or damage the surrounding structures or infrastructure. Forward-thinking will prevent any long-term issues.

Think About the Tree’s Size

When picking the right spot for a planting, consider your tree’s possible width and height at maturity. Will the total height obstruct views or risk contact with power lines running into your building? Will the spread of a tree’s canopy interfere with your home’s roof, or could an expansive root system damage the underground utility lines or other infrastructure?

Think Before You Dig

Always have your local utility company identify and mark the spots of all utility lines before you dig. There will probably be electric, gas, water, or sewer lines running throughout your yard and digging before making sure could result in a severe injury or costly repairs.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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