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The Best Types of Trees to Plant for Shade

The Best Types of Trees to Plant for Shade
One reason many people want to have trees is to increase the amount of natural shade in the area.

People plant trees near their homes or other buildings for all kinds of reasons; it can help cut down on your energy costs, it can increase curb appeal, and certain kinds of plants like fruit trees can offer you some great benefits. One reason many people want to have trees is to increase the amount of natural shade in the area and there are a few varieties that we’d recommend if this is your goal.

American Holly

This kind of tree can turn into beautiful hedge-like ovals even without trimming, though you can shape it however you’d like and it’ll give you a very traditional, European feel. It’s also great in that regard because it’s more cold tolerant than many other varieties out there, requires little care, and can grow in many different climates.y


If you’re looking for a hardy tree, look no further than the crabapple tree. It’s capable of growing in just about any climate found within the United States and there are a number of different varieties as well, offering you colors like red, white, and orange. Its flowers are also amazingly fragrant.


Want to add some striking beauty to your yard space? Consider a flowering dogwood tree, which unlike many other kinds of flowering trees will keep its color year round. It stays small, allowing you to pack them into tighter spaces and create an abundance of shade. It’ll also grow in most soil conditions.

Italian Cypress

A good way to add shade to walkways and gardens specifically is to use the Italian cypress, which grows 40 feet in height but is only 5 feet wide, allowing you to easily dot walkways with them. Just keep in mind that they do require relatively warm climates.

Japanese Maple Tree

If you’ve seen traditional maple trees, know that Japanese maple trees aren’t all that different. The biggest way they vary is that Japanese maples are smaller trees and are available in more colors and shapes. It’s a very flexible tree that’s incredibly easy to grow on top of all of that.

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