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What to Do if You Notice Tree Mold

What to Do if You Notice Tree Mold
Today we will be looking at a handful of ways you can spot tree mold, what to do, and why it is so important to treat it.

Tree mold is one of the primary silent killers in the arborist world. You may not notice its presence until it is way too late. Mold can be a bit tough to notice, as it might get mistaken for something else on your trees. So, today we will be looking at a handful of ways you can spot tree mold, what to do, and why it is so important to treat it. Read on to learn more!

Spotting Pesky Tree Mold

As you gaze upon your property’s gorgeous trees, you should be on the lookout for these following symptoms of mold:

  • Any white powdery substances
  • Mushrooms or other fungi on the trunk
  • Discoloration in the bark or leaves
  • Unusual growths
  • Insect nests
  • Other types of abnormalities

If you are not sure if what you are looking at is abnormal, you can give us a call on the expertise of tree specialists to help you figure out precisely what you’re looking for.

What to Do About Tree Mold?

So, you are more than positive you’ve got some tree mold on your hands. The question is, what should you do next? The following step depends on how sick your tree is. If the tree is only in the first opening stages of its infection, then you might be able to treat your tree’s mold and restore your tree. However, if the mold or disease is far along and advanced, then you might not be able to save it at all. Trimming off the dick limbs or removing the tree as a whole might be the best choices, but we at Harford Tree can help you figure out your next step.

Why Does It Matter to Remove Mold?

What is a little tree mold, right? Well, here is something you should know. If your tree’s disease goes on without you ever taking care of it, then it will probably decline until it finally dies. A dead tree can be hazardous on your property. It might fall and hurt somebody or something. The best thing for you to do to keep your property safe is to stay on top of the health of your trees by working with certified arborists and tree specialists from Harford Tree.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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