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How to Tell You Need Emergency Tree Services

How to Tell You Need Emergency Tree Services
Some tree damage, from storms or not, requires emergency tree services.

Summers in this area tend to produce some really intense storms. Often these thunderstorms roll in quickly and bring torrential rain and heavy winds, both of which can do serious damage to trees. Trees are an important part of your home’s landscaping, providing shade and beauty, but you have to take care of them. When trees get damaged, they become a hazard to your property and the people on it.  Some tree damage, from storms or not, requires emergency tree services. Read on to learn what sorts of damage to be in the look out for, so you know when to call a professional.

Root Decay

Noticeable decay at the roots of the tree is likely not going to be caused by a storm, but the storm maybe the reason that you notice it – either because you’re doing post-storm tree checks (good!) or because rain has eroded the soil and exposed the roots. Either way, if you notice decay or damage to the roots, that is a sign of serious tree health issues. The root system is the anchor and support for the whole tree – without it, the tree won’t be strong enough to stand up. Seek help from a professional before there is an even more serious problem.

New or Abnormal Leaning

Many people assume that any leaning of a tree is a cause for concern, but that’s not always true. Sometimes trees slowly start to lean for any number of reasons. If the lean is pronounced or if it has happened suddenly, that’s when you should worry. This is especially true if it’s after a damaging event like a wind storm. If the lean is new, but slight, you can hold off and see unless it is leaning over a structure, path, or road. If the lean is more than 15 degrees from vertical, you need emergency tree service.

Fungus Growth

If you notice mushrooms growing at the base of your tree, this could possibly signal a cause for concern. Mushrooms are a fairly common sight after a soaking rain, but if they’re growing on the bark of the tree they could indicate that the wood is rotting. Have a professional come out to check the health of the tree and then keep a careful eye on it.

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