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What Are Some Ways to Mulch a Tree?

What Are Some Ways to Mulch a Tree?
If you are ready to start laying mulch down onto your trees but unsure of how to deal with the task, there are a few things you can do.

Now that we are in the middle of summer, it is time to get into the thick of tree care maintenance. There are probably a few bags of mulch sitting on your deck awaiting distribution in your landscape. If you are ready to start laying mulch down onto your trees but unsure of how to deal with the task, there are a few things you can do. Read on for a few of our best tips on the proper way to mulch the trees in your home’s yard!

What Should I Do with Compost?

If you’ve got compost to spread around the base of your tree, take care of that before you worry about laying mulch. Spread your compost around trees and plants and let it work its way into the soil after rain or a thorough watering. Wait about a day or two to apply mulch in the right quantities.

How Should I Properly Mulch My Trees?

Use around two to four inches of mulch for every tree in your yard, layered all around the base. Then, spread a single layer of mulch around the direct tree base. Then, use a shovel or rake to evenly and slowly spread the mulch out to the edge of a tree. If you are not quite sure when you should stop, do this when it is shady, so you clearly see the tree’s perimeter. When you mulch your tree, keep in mind the trees that you see in nature every day. Healthy trees that are in the woods aren’t covered to their necks in mulch. Instead, they’ve got an excellent, healthy base surrounded by natural mulch and a lot of trunk exposed. Keep the tree root flare-free from any mulch and only put around two to four inches total around the base. Volcano mulching, or piling up mulch very high around the base, only will attract fungus or disease for your property’s trees.

For more information on mulching and general tree or landscaping care, give Harford Tree a call! We’ll send our certified tree specialists and arborists out to you to help with whatever needs you might have!

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