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Key Differences With an Arborist and a Tree Surgeon

Key Differences With an Arborist and a Tree Surgeon
Arborists require a much more formal education, while tree surgeons gain extensive experience out on the field.

Those who decide to work with tree care can pick various types of jobs within the industry. Two of those jobs, arborists and tree surgeons, are typically referred to interchangeably, but they are actually very different. Arborists require a much more formal education, while tree surgeons gain extensive experience out on the field. Both jobs could overlap, depending on the company that provides tree services, and both of these jobs require extensive knowledge and experience while working with trees. Read on to learn the primary differences between an arborist and a tree surgeon.

What Does a Tree Arborist Do?

If you are going to compare tree surgeons and arborists, think of them much like this: an arborist is a lot like a tree doctor. Arborists undergo extensive training to become certified within their field. These include:

  • Courses within tree biology, tree growth patterns, and many more
  • A long and rigorous certification program within the International Society of Arboriculture
  • Passing the last exam after the program
  • Continuing within ongoing education after the fact to maintain their certifications

The arborist will then assess the tree and its condition. If the tree is also showing any signs of a disease or insect infestation, the arborist is then able to diagnose it and create a treatment plan accurately. Usually, they can identify tree disease signs before the disease really takes hold of the said tree. They are also the ones to typically recommend where a tree should be planted based on the kind of tree and its environmental surroundings. Typically, they’ll take their diagnose and pass it to a tree surgeon, who will then handle the treatment.

A Tree Surgeon’s Duties

A tree surgeon might not have as many requirements as an arborist, but it does require extensive knowledge and experience to be an effective tree surgeon. Tree surgeons have to learn how to properly prune and trim a tree, including all different kinds of trees. A lot like a surgery on a human or animal, tree trimming and pruning is an extremely precise process that should be done by a trained hand. An experienced tree surgeon usually works in a dangerous or difficult situation, and just nobody should trust this job. Some of their other duties include:

  • Bracing a tree
  • Removing dying and dead tree limbs
  • Grinding stumps
  • Performing a post-storm cleanup
  • Caring for trees and helping manage their appearance

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