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Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Potential Tree Damage?

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Potential Tree Damage?
Does homeowners insurance cover potential tree damages?

Trees are definitely beautiful and can add some character to your property. However, trees could also become a real nemesis to any homeowner, particularly during hurricane season. Maryland experiences intense storms that come with high winds that cause limbs, branches, or full trees to come down and damage your home or business. So, does homeowners insurance cover potential tree damages? The short answer: it depends. Read on to learn much more about homeowners insurance and tree damage!

What Will Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Each policy is different, but insurance usually covers building damage caused by fires, storms, or vandalism. Your policy might also cover damages to outbuildings and structures such as garages, sheds, fences, and more. Tree-related damage is one factor where it depends on the circumstances. In a few instances, insurance should cover debris cleanup, but usually only if there is damage to any buildings.

How Trees Can Harm Your Property

Trees can cause damages to roofs, fences, sheds, and other types of structures. Hurricanes and high winds could knock over an entire large tree or cause various big limbs and branches to potentially break off and fall right onto your property. Storms are not the only things that cause your trees to fall. Diseased trees could decay on the outside as well as the inside, making them weaker and more susceptible to falling. Trees with any signs of rot should be trimmed or fully removed before they fall and cause damage because insurance often will not cover it.

Whose Tree is It?

A lot of homeowners experience home damage because of trees from their own property. In many cases (but not all), insurance might cover this. But, what happens if your tree is in a neighbor’s yard? Tree ownership is based on which properties or property it lives on, so if your neighbor’s tree falls right on your property and causes damage, it’s the neighbor’s problem. If the tree fell because of a covered force of nature, then your insurance policy might cover it, but if it is due to rot or neglect, you’ll have to file a liability claim with your next door neighbor’s insurance company.

Harford Tree can help you figure out what your homeowner’s insurance covers as far as tree issues go, so give us a call today!

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