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The Worst Trees to Plant Around Your Home’s Pool

The Worst Trees to Plant Around Your Home’s Pool
Landscaping around your swimming pool could make your pool stand out, but plants and trees must be chosen carefully.

Landscaping around your swimming pool could make your pool stand out, but plants and trees must be chosen carefully. Trees with a lot of “leaf filter’, excessive pollen, budding debris, or berries could cause extra work for you and your pool’s filter. Trees with long, extensive root systems could damage pool walls or pool plumbing too. Cute smaller trees that grow very large can block your sun’s warmth or block the sights and sounds around the pool, which can be unsafe in certain situations. A lot of pool guys will say, “the ideal trees for pools are no trees at all.” But this isn’t always realistic or true at all. Read on to learn which trees you should avoid planting around your home’s pool.

Worst Trees to Plant Around Your Home’s Pool

Just like there are trees that do well around your home’s pool, there are plenty of trees that will not. In many cases, chlorinated water or salt pool splash isn’t much of a serious concern, as long as trees around a pool aren’t watered regularly. There are a few bad seeds to keep in mind while planting around your home’s pool.

Cottonwoods, Aspens, Silver Maple, Mulberries, American Elm Trees

These types of trees have pervasive and invasive root systems that will seek moisture at any cost they can. These trees will erode the ground around your swimming pools and seek and destroy any underground plumbing if close enough.

Palm Trees, Fruit Trees, Berry Plants, Grape Vines, Nut Trees, or Flowering Plants

Any type of tree or plant that falls within this category will lead to possible staining and excessive cleaning. Insects will also be attracted to all of these tree choices.

Evergreen Trees, Larger Deciduous Trees, and Crape Myrtles

These trees should all be avoided at any cost. Bigger trees that end up in swimming pools can complicate vacuuming will put even more stress on the pool equipment. More delicate needles that drop are also known to sneak by the skimmer baskets, which can clog up your pool pump impellor.

Chinese Holly, Thorny Flowers, Cacti, Pyracantha, and Hard Yuccas

These are very unforgiving attractions. A lot of pool users will want to avoid brushing up against any of these mentioned without a shirt on.

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