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Some of The Best Trees to Plant Around Your Pool

Some of The Best Trees to Plant Around Your Pool
If you want to give yourself the beautiful atmosphere that you deserve, you will have to pick the right tree to plant around your pool.

We all know that it is essential to keep your swimming pool debris-free during the summer. Debris can clog up your filters, dirty your water, and make swimming in your pool unpleasant. Sometimes, though, a swimming pool only feels complete when shaded by a tall tree. If you want to give yourself the beautiful, laidback atmosphere that you deserve, you will have to pick the right tree to plant around your pool. This way, you can minimize the aesthetics while keeping your swimming pool nice and clean! Read on to learn about a few examples of trees that will give your landscape a look you desire, while still keeping your pool debris-free.

Consider What You Desire from Your Tree

Before we get into the best types of trees for your yard’s pool, let’s go over the factors you’ll have to analyze before picking your flora. Consider the climate around where you live. Research which trees do best, and which ones tend to die and wilt away. It is also essential to see which trees grow too fast or too big. For example, an oak tree isn’t the right choice for this reason. You wouldn’t want the roots to crack around the concrete and tear the swimming pool’s vinyl lining.


Acacia trees have minimal leaf shedding during the fall, which makes it excellent for late summer pool care. It won’t clog up your filters, and you will be skimming the surface a lot less. Acacia also provides a beautiful shade that’s hard to beat. Its appearance is gorgeous, and drapes over your pool, presenting an exciting and beautiful environment. If this is the look you desire, and acacia tree is for you.


Perhaps you are more interested in keeping your swimming pool area private from your neighbors’ prying eyes. No need to worry! You will want to go for trees that are fast-growing and thicker. Evergreen fits the bill. It’s thick greenery, and swift growth makes it ideal for planting around your swimming pool. It is also very stunning during the colder seasons, so you are not sacrificing your winter landscape.

Windmill Palm

Trees with seeds or fruits can be a bit messy for you, but Windmill palms are a nice mix of beauty and simple cleanup. Though usually for warmer climates, they’re fast-growing and easy to plant for the summer.

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