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How to Deal with an Annoying Tree Stump

How to Deal with an Annoying Tree Stump
What are your options with a pesky visible tree stump?

Whether a tree that is on your property has fallen or you have recently performed a do it yourself removal, you might now be stuck with an unsightly tree stump somewhere in your backyard. Because your tree’s root system grows and sprouts in an outward direction, it could spread throughout your entire yard, making it quite tricky to uproot entirely. So, what are your options with a visible tree stump? Read on to learn precisely how to deal with them.

Repurpose the Stump to Grow Something New

Where one plant’s light might have ended, another can begin. If you can remove its inner remnants, you could very easily reuse your tree stump for growing some new plants. Simply fill the hollow space with some potting mix or soil (with a little sand to ensure proper drainage), plant a few seeds, and watch new life sprout.

Depending on the size of your tree stump, you could use your new DIY planter to grow some shallow-root plants. These include

– Daffodils

– Succulents

– Smaller shrubs

– Ferns

– Herbs

– Vegetables

Transform a Tree Stump into Lawn Furniture

If you are feeling up to a bit of a challenge, browse online for creative ways others have used tree stumps to make some beautiful, natural stools, outdoor tables, and other pieces of furniture. You could go all out and create an entire dining area with the stump as the base for your table, or even keep it simple and craft it all with a smooth surface where you could place a potted flower or another decorative item.

Allows Your Kids to Get Creative

If your tree stump is located in an area that is safe for your kids to play, consider using the stump for a fun outdoor craft. Have them gather different items like flowers, branches, stones, and leaves to create their own miniature garden. Finish it off with a couple of miniature figurines and decorations from your local craft store.

For other tips regarding tree stumps or if you are in need of a tree stump removal, give Harford Tree Specialists a call as soon as possible!

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