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Why Should You Bother to Remove Tree Stumps?

Tree Stump

Is it time to remove that pesky tree stump in your yard? It may cause more problems than you realize.

There are lots of reasons you may have an old tree stump sitting around on your property. Perhaps a tree came down in one of the many recent storms. Or perhaps you cut down a tree when you were prepping your yard for summer fun. Either way, if the stump is still around, it is time to get the professionals in to get it out of there.

It Could Cause Accidents

The risk of accidents will vary depentreeding on the size and height of the stump, but there is a risk. Even though you know the stump is there, you could still trip over it, especially in low light times, like dusk or early morning. Old stumps tend to get overgrown with weeds, vines, and other small young trees pretty quickly, which is another reason they present a trip hazard. This becomes an even bigger issue if you have guests in your yard who don’t know to watch out for the stump. They could trip and hurt themselves. Finally, few things are as intriguing to young kids as an old stump. They use it as a launchpad to jump off or as base in a game of tag. But if it is old and deteriorating, they could get seriously hurt. Your best bet is to get it removed.

It Can Attract Bugs

An old stump sitting in your backyard is like a readymade home for all sorts of insects. The most worrying of these is probably termites. They could be attracted to the exposed wood and set up a colony in the old stump. From there, it’s an easy trip to your house, and you don’t want that. Even if your old stump doesn’t attract termites it could attract other lawn pests, so you’re better off bidding it goodbye.

It Looks Bad

Even if you never walk out in your yard and you aren’t worried about pests, chances are good that you want it to look nice. You spend a lot of time (or perhaps, money if you hire a lawn service) keeping your grass mown and the weeds whacked. You have spent time thinking about your landscaping and your yard probably looks pretty nice, except for that big dead tree stump. Removing the old tree stump is an easy way to boost your curb appeal, even if you’re not putting your home on the market.

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