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Are Bumps on Your Trunks and Branches Bad for Your Trees?

Are Bumps on Your Trunks and Branches Bad for Your Trees?
What exactly are those lumps or bumps on our trees?

Year after year, we come to expect brand-new flowers, foliage, and fruits that grow on our property’s trees. What we do not expect to see are massive bulges growing on branches and trunks. What exactly are those lumps or bumps on our trees? Those round and swollen growths that are found on tree wood are known as burls. Read on to learn more about them, including when they should or should not be a cause for serious concern.

Where do Bumps on Tree Trunks and Branches Come from Exactly?

The cause of tree burls is somewhat of a mystery, so it is hard to pinpoint the one reason they have appeared on your plants. In general, burls will develop because of invasions from fungi, bacteria, or insects, along with stressors like freeze damage or environmental damage. Some individual trees have a bit of a genetic predisposition to produce burls, while nearby trees don’t.

All Burls Bad for My Property’s Trees?

Typically, these burls are not bad. Burls usually do not do any damage to your trees. On rare occasions, a burl might disrupt a tree’s vascular system. As it turns out, getting rid of your burls would pose a severe risk. Cutting your burls would leave huge wounds on your tree’s branches and trunk, which could lead to an infection or weaken your tree’s structural stability. It is best not to remove these bumps on the tree branches or tree trunks. If you wish, you could clip away sprouts that come out of the burls.

When Should I Be Concerned About Burls on My Trees?

Burls themselves will not cause your tree issues, but you should try to get to the root of their growth and address it before it gets out of hand. Since burls could be the product of fungi or insect damage, check for any indications that point to an insect infestation. Look for smaller holes in the branches or trunk, sawdust, or insects that are crawling around. Also, inspect your trees for signs of possible decay, including cavities, bark that is missing, root damages, or tree wounds.

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