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Can Split Tree Limbs Be Saved?

Can Split Tree Limbs Be Saved?

Harford Tree has been helping people out in the state of Maryland with split tree limbs for years.

The short answer to the titular blog question is – yes. However, depending on the size of your property’s trees, the severity of the split, and the kind of tree, it might get tricky. Harford Tree has been helping people out in the state of Maryland with split tree limbs for years. We’ve got a dedicated crew who are all ISA certified to deal with split limbs of all shapes and sizes. Read on to learn more about how split tree limbs can be saved and cared for!

How to Recover a Split Limb

Hopefully, your tree split is not a life-or-death situation. There are various ways a tree limb can split, each resulting in unique methods for recovery. As long as the cambium, the soft tissue that is responsible for carrying nutrients throughout the tree, of broken parts remains in touch with each other, the limbs will heal. Just like a human body, a tree is capable of healing itself. For trees that have more severe splits, some triage might be required. To start the healing process, you have to put the branches back together so that the broken cambium can be in contact again. This process is known as grafting.

Grafting for Smaller Tree Split Limbs

Smaller tree branches are the easiest for grafting. All you need is a tiny bit of grafting tape or a strong cord. Connect all the branches, making sure that the cambium is still in contact. Then wrap it firmly with grafting cords or tape. Within a couple of months, the broken branches should be fully healed. Our team of certified arborists and tree specialists can help with this process.

Grafting for Bigger Split Tree Limbs

A grafting cord or tape alone may not cut it for bigger branches since the branch is too heavy to carry all its weight. In this case, you will need a splint. A splint is a support created with two supports tied together to form a fork. The newly grafted branch will rest on the splint, using it as a crutch until the branch fuses and is able to carry its weight. Remove the splint after around a year so the healed branch can then grow without any issues. If you don’t use a splint, then consider using a nearby branch to hold it in place. Make sure you’re only using strong branches to help support a broken limb, or they will both break.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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