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Reasons to Prune a Dormant Tree

Reasons to Prune a Dormant Tree

When trees go dormant during the colder months, many people falsely believe that they don’t need to worry about tree pruning.

Why should you prune your trees? It’s an essential tree maintenance task that helps trees look good and feel good too. When trees go dormant during the colder months, many people falsely believe that they don’t need to worry about tree pruning. However, late fall into winter is a great time to prune your trees. Neglecting to care for your trees during dormancy can increase the risk of damage and infestation. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you should prune your dormant trees, read on to see some reasons we suggest doing so.

Improved Results

If you prune your trees during dormancy, you’ll end up with better results later on. This is because dormant trees have no foliage, making it easier to inspect, evaluate, and prune them. A professional will be able to easily recognize which areas need pruning. You’re also doing your trees a favor by pruning them during dormancy: it’s less stressful, meaning that they’re able to heal quicker and more effectively by the time spring rolls around. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

While trees are dormant, it is much easier to shape them and give them the look that you want. Shaping your trees gives them that cared-for look that will help boost your curb appeal and even property value. By pruning during dormancy, you can also improve the quality of leaves and flowers, making your landscape look more beautiful overall and much more inviting.

Better Safety

If you let your trees get overgrown or die, they can end up causing a safety risk. This is because dead, weak, or dying tree branches can end up breaking off, especially during harsh weather, and hurting someone or damaging your property. Pruning dormant trees helps them be prepared for the stormy weather that’s ahead of them in the spring and can help prevent any kind of safety mishaps from happening. 

Healthier Trees

Regular tree pruning helps keep trees healthy. By creating healthier branch structures, they’re better able to survive any weather conditions that may come at them. Likewise, cuts made when a tree isn’t dormant could open a tree up to diseases, parasites, insects, and bacteria. It’s best to prune your trees while they’re dormant to encourage optimal tree health and keep them looking great for many years to come. 

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