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Reasons for Tree Pruning This Winter

Reasons for Tree Pruning This Winter
Tree pruning may not seem like an important part of tree maintenance, but during the winter it is crucial.

It’s already snowing in some parts of the country, so you’re likely starting to think about your landscaping. After all, while you may not have to bother with weeding and watering during this off-season, you can’t ignore all of your plants. This is particularly true of trees, because winter can be the best time to think about pruning your trees. 

Tree pruning may not seem like an important part of tree maintenance but once your trees enter dormancy for the winter, you can reap major benefits by pruning them. Let’s take a look at what some of those benefits may be and if it’s something you need to start incorporating into your tree care.

Less Stress

While tree pruning isn’t inherently damaging to a tree and is part of maintaining healthy trees much of the time, it does cause stress for your tree. Performing your pruning during dormancy will cause less stress overall, resulting in a healthier tree that will last for years to come.

Precision Pruning

During winter, you don’t have to worry about pesky leaves getting in the way of your vision. Since trees are dormant, it’s easier to get in there and perform the tree pruning that needs to be done, allowing for an overall more precise job.

Prevent Diseases

Some types of trees like elm or oak can end up developing diseases if they are pruned during other seasons, while leaves are still around. Instead, winter pruning reduces the chance that this will happen and makes it more likely that your tree will avoid getting sick.

Better Recovery

After tree pruning, a tree needs to seal those cuts to keep itself healthy. By performing pruning in the winter, you’re setting yourself up for an easier recovery scenario during the following spring months.

Good for Lawn

If you need to outright remove a tree, the winter is a good time for that as well. This is because the ground freezes over and the grass goes dormant, meaning you can safely and easily remove a tree without leaving any kind of impact on your lawn.

Less Expensive

Many people are unaware that winter tree pruning is a good option, so it can be more affordable to do it during what’s generally considered the “off-season.” Call your local tree expert like Harford Tree to see what they can do for you!

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