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What Goes into Winter Landscaping for Your Property

What Goes into Winter Landscaping for Your Property
Just because it is snowing and cold weather doesn’t mean that your winter landscaping has to be ignored.

Spring is a very busy time of year of tree services, landscapers, and DIYers alike. However, why not use all the downtime that winter provides to lay the foundation for seasons to come. Just because it is snowing and cold weather doesn’t mean that your winter landscaping has to be ignored. In fact, winter landscaping is sometimes required for a lot of properties. Read on to learn what goes into winter landscaping and how to tackle it head-on!

Routine Care

Even though it is cold, that does not mean your plants and trees do not get thirsty. Remember to water them even during the winter months. Also, covering the plants during the harsh winter months will give them some shelter against ice and cold wind. You can use some plastic bags for this, but they aren’t permeable enough to allow for enough airflow, which could lead to fungus or rotting. Instead, try using something like burlap since it is sturdy enough to stand up against the elements and breathable enough to allow for enough airflow.

Thin and Prune Your Trees

During the summer, what looks like flexible, strong limbs will quickly turn into weak, brittle limbs during the winter. When a limb becomes encased and covered in snow and ice, it could snap or split under the added pressure and weight. Before winter comes here in full swing, make sure you examine and assess the trees for any limbs that could be cleared out. Not just deadwood, but any other places that look to be growing too densely. Too much growth can stop any airflow and encourage rotting, during the winter, it can accumulate a lot of snow. The more snow that your tree collects, the more likely it will become damaged. It is crucial to have a professional carry out the assessment to ensure that the right limbs are targeted for pruning. It is also key to have a professional, like Harford Tree, to take care of any pruning needs. Some jobs can be a bit more dangerous than they appear, and we have the expertise and experience to get it done.

Watch the Salt

Ice melt salt is excellent when dealing with ice on your pavement, but it can cause issues for your plants. You do not want it to soak into your soil since it can harm your trees and plant roots. Only use ice melt when you have to and not close to your landscape.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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