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Which Type of Arborist Will I Need?

Which Type of Arborist Will I Need?
Choosing the right type of arborist can be tricky.

Trees provide a host of great benefits to your home and property. Having trees on your land allow you to attract wildlife and provide those animals with food and shelter. Try attracting birds to your property if you don’t have any trees and you’ll only gain frustration. Trees can also provide shade for your home to help you regulate cooling costs. If you want to undertake some major development of your property, however, you may need to do something with the trees you have. In many areas, this may require hiring an arborist to come out to inspect, evaluate, and possibly protect the trees. Read on to learn more about choosing the right type of arborist when you need one.

ISA Certification

ISA, or International Society of Arboriculture, certification was once the pinnacle certification for the field, but over the years it has become the entry-level certification. The field has grown to an extent that this certification – which requires three years in the field, successful completion of a 200 question multiple-choice exam, and 30 hours per year of continuing education – is the baseline from which professionals specialize and expand. A more advanced certification from the ISA is the ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA) which requires seven years of experience and has traditionally involved scenario-based exams that test professional judgement in addition to advanced tree knowledge. An arborist with this certification would certainly be a knowledgable asset to your work, but not having certainly does not mean that the professional isn’t fully capable.

Tree Risk Assessment

A TRAQ, or Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, is a certification that certified arborists can obtain by taking an intensive course followed by a half-day exam, and they must repeat the process every five years. This qualification certifies their knowledge of tree risk requiring knowledge of and the ability to determine tree stability and potential to fall and cause damage. 

Choosing The Right One 

Most people who work with trees should have one or more of the above certifications, but they don’t all do the same work. A tree removal expert will likely be ISA certified and should have their TRAQ, but a consulting arborist may not. When you’re interviewing arborists, ask about their qualifications and ask why they chose to get them. Remember that years of experience in the field are also incredibly important, and don’t forget to check references. Credentials don’t guarantee anything, although they can help you move in the right direction.

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