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How to Keep Critters Off Your Property’s Trees

How to Keep Critters Off Your Property’s Trees
There are a few methods that can help you keep critters off your trees.

Although rabbits, deer, and squirrels might be cute from a distance, they can wreak havoc on your property’s trees and plants in your yard’s landscape. Though some people decide to use harmful chemicals and lethal methods on these critters, there are a few ways to deter them from your plants that do not harm the animals and that won’t hurt your yard’s environment too. There are a few methods that can help you keep critters off your property. Read on for a few ways to keep critters off your property’s trees!

Remove Any Incentives

Wild animals are mostly concerned with one thing and one thing only: survival. To survive in the wild in numerous conditions, they are going to need shelter and food. Trees can provide both of these, which makes them quite attractive to multiple woodland creatures. However, things like unattended piles of wood, unsecured trash cans, and easily accessible entries into your house have to be addressed. By addressing all of these additional incentives, you’ll make your property less desirable overall for critters of all types and more desirable for others if you’re looking to sell your home.

Put Up Some Barriers

Fences will help scare away larger critters like deer from approaching your trees and harming them. Bucks also enjoy rubbing their antlers on trees, which will break the bark and might lead to other issues way down the line for your tree’s health. By installing a fence around the perimeter of your property, deer are a lot more likely to avoid your trees since they won’t be able just to stroll up and utilize them. If you are having issues with animals getting to the fruits on your fruit trees, then there is netting available to help protect them until you are ready to harvest.

Remove and Relocate Your Property’s Critters

There are a few ways to safely humanely trap and relocate animals of all kinds, from raccoons to squirrels. For the most part, trees out in the wild are where animals live and find their food, so it is only natural that they’ll want to use your trees to further their own survival. However, the damage they can do is definitely less than ideal. To remove these animals, call a professional from Harford Tree, or consider using some live traps with bait. However, it is recommended that you can in a team of professionals when it comes to dealing with wild animals.

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