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Why You May Need Stump Grinding Services on Your Property

Why You May Need Stump Grinding Services on Your Property

When you’re left with just a stump, stump grinding services can help.

Trees are an amazingly beneficial part of the landscaping around your home or commercial building. They provide beauty and curb appeal that can improve the value of your property, they provide shade that can help keep your cooling costs down, and they provide oxygen which we need to live. But eventually having trees will mean having stumps either because the tree needed to be removed or because it came down due to age or weather. When you’re left with just a stump, you should have it removed. Stump grinding is an effective way to do that.

Stumps Can Be Dangerous

There are many ways that a stump in your yard could be dangerous. First, they are tripping hazards. They also could cause damage to your lawn maintenance equipment. If the stump becomes home to insects, they could attack or bite anyone who climbs on it or gets too close.  Once the stump starts to decay it can also become a hazard as it might fall apart when someone tries to climb on it. 

Stumps Waste Yard Space

Depending on where the stump is in your yard, you may not even know that it is there. If it’s in the middle of the yard, however, it is taking up space that you could be using for something else. There is probably lots that you’d like to add to your yard, perhaps a pond or a raised garden bed or an outdoor living space. If you got rid of the stump, you might me able to use the area for one of those dreams.

Stumps A Critter Havens

As the stump starts to decompose it will attract an assortment of insects. Some of those are pretty standard, like beetles, but others like ants and termites are things you may not want to invite onto your property. The stump could also attract wild animals to use it as a house or to eat the insects that they find in there, which could be dangerous for your kids or pets.

Stump Grinding Is Less Invasive

Many people avoid stump removal because it is costly and time consuming. It requires large equipment and many hours digging the whole stump out of the ground. It can even become a huge issue of the tree roots have wound around pipes or septic systems. Grind the stump dow to the ground solves all of that while still giving you the usable space of your yard back.

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