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Fun Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees this Spring

Fun Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees this Spring

The spring season gives your trees the thoughtful care that they may need.

The spring is here, even if it might not feel like it currently. However, the spring season gives your trees the thoughtful care that they may need. This is the ideal time to assess any winter damages and to set up your property’s trees for a successful summer in 2022. Today’s blog will go over a few tips for spring tree care to keep your landscape looking nifty. Read on to learn so much more!

Inspect All Trees for Overall Health

Make sure you’re looking at all of your property’s trees for their health. Don’t leave any out, because just one blemish or unhealthy tree can be an eyesore or a safety hazard to you and those that live you. Look for any dead wood, lesions on leaves, and frostbite on your trees. Prune away any damaged, dead, and diseased limbs too. If you need any assistance with pruning, make sure to give Harford Tree a call. We’ll send one of our certified arborists out to take a look at your landscape.

Ensure Your Trees Have Enough Water to Grow

Check out the soil moisture once every four to six weeks below the surface. Soil should definitely always be moist and not wet. Deep watering will prevent weakened surface roots from ever forming and helps encourage the growth of solid roots underground. If you’ve got an irrigation system, make sure to inspect it for any possible clogged spray heads, leaks, and drippers. As your trees grow, use less water less often too. Around 10 gallons for every inch of trunk diameter is a good rule of thumb.

Check the Mulch Levels and Replenish Them as Needed

Use mulch to help conserve any moisture. Keep all the soil covered with a three to five-inch layer of mulch, starting around a few inches from the bases of your trunk and extending one to two feet from the tree in each direction. It should create a circle around the tree, which is what you need. Mulch is typically tee and a creative resource for this. Give Harford Tree a ring if you need any!

Remove All Weed and Debris Around Your Tree’s Base

Weeds compete with your own trees for water and nutrients, so make sure you’re removing any of them. Spring is the ideal time to do this since the dirt is softer from the rain. Remove any plants that are competing, including lawn and ivy. These plants can hide defects like areas of decay and can trap any moisture around the root crowns, which creates the ideal environment for fungus.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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