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What to Do With Uprooted Trees

What to Do With Uprooted Trees

Having uprooted trees laying in your yard is no doubt an unpleasant sight.

There is really nothing better than staring out through a green canopy that allows you to bask in the glow of the spring or summer sun. In fact, having greenery in your yard is a surefire way to make a landscape design of your dreams. The reality is, storms are notorious for wreaking havoc on your yard and landscape designs as they tend to uproot trees when they come through with a vigor and heavy winds. Ultimately, having uprooted trees laying in your yard is no doubt an unpleasant sight and prove to actually be a hazard. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to effectively and efficiently deal with uprooted trees in your lawn.

Saving An Uprooted Tree

The possibility of saving an uprooted tree will typically depend on the size of the tree itself as well as the actual condition it is in. In fact, if you have quite a large tree that has been uprooted, it can be incredibly more difficult to salvage. But, smaller trees that have been uprooted can potentially be saved. The reality is, large trees traditionally have long, complex root systems, making it virtually impossible to bring them back to life after they’ve been uprooted. That being said, smaller trees, with smaller root networks can have the potential to be saved. Ultimately, the potential to replant a smaller tree could be the best opportunity for you to salvage an uprooted tree.

The Longevity Of An Uprooted Tree

A tree’s lifespan after being uprooted will depend on the weather — so elements that are totally out of your control. In fact, in the hot, dry summer months, a tree that has been uprooted could end up dying after about a day or two — as it’ll lack the moisture from the soil necessary to keep it alive. The reality is, if your tree is deciduous, it might be able to live slightly longer. Ultimately, if your uprooted tree hasn’t suffered severe damage, it might be able to last a bit longer than you might expect.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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