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An Early Fall Tree Care Guide

An Early Fall Tree Care Guide harford tree

Early fall tree care involves ensuring that your stay trees are healthy and sturdy.

Early fall tree care involves ensuring that your stay trees are healthy and sturdy. If so, you can enjoy your trees for many years. Most trees do not require as much specialized attention as your garden bed or flowers. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your trees either. Here is an early tree care guide. 

Keep Your Trees Watered 

Lately, Maryland has been getting a lot of rain. However, during times when there is a drought, you want to ensure that your trees are receiving enough water. 

Use Mulch 

Mulch combines decaying leaves or bark and enriches the soil around your tree while protecting the tree and root system from distress. We encourage you to add a layer of mulch around the tree a few times a year.

However, ensure that you don’t use too much mulch. If there is excess mulch, the tree could rot or become diseased. Ensure you leave space around the tree trunk, laying the mulch about three to six inches away from the bass. 

Prune Your Trees

When you prune your trees, it encourages growth and keeps them healthy. It’s best to prune your trees by removing low branches that could damage your roof or your home’s structure. If you observe dead or broken branches, remove those quickly as well. 

However, when you prune your trees, be sure to be careful. Otherwise, if you prune your tree incorrectly, it could cause a disease to spread. As a result, the tree might become unstable and fall. 

If you have never pruned a tree before, especially if your tree is massive, it’s best to reach out to the experts at Harford Tree Experts & Landscaping Inc. We are an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist with all the expertise and skills to keep your trees healthy and aid in fall tree care. It can be more dangerous than you think to prune a tree. Therefore, reaching out to a professional is always the best idea. 

We also specialize in tree removal and residential landscaping services. 

Professional Tree Service from Harford Tree

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