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Tree Care Terms To Be Aware Of

Tree Care Terms to Be Aware Of

Today we set out to define some tree care terms for future use.

So, you consider yourself a tree fan. How about an arborist

As with any scientific (or commercial) specialty, arboriculture—the study of trees—is replete with jargon; in this case, the terminology generally happens to “sound” more complicated than the objects/phenomena actually designated…

-That was admittedly a bit of a mouthful, but keep yourself rooted to the spot because there’s sure to be more where that came from, as we set out now to define some tree care terms sure to separate the hobbyists from the enthusiasts…. from the arborists.

Don’t worry: you won’t get stumped.


  • Arborist: a professional dedicated to the scientific study of trees and shrubs. Highly trained and certified, arborists are tasked with (and devoted to) the health and happiness of trees. Specialists are exceptionally well-versed in tree care, whether that means maintenance or intensive care…
  • Tree Surgeon: a light-hearted term for the new role an arborist plays upon moving from diagnostics to actual operation. Pruning, stump removal, tree removal—all fall within the expert domain of the skilled and meticulous Tree Surgeon! Note that safety is one of the most rigorous areas of TS training.

Processes with Tree Care

  • Trimming: an aesthetic process where tree stems and branches are tidily clipped (usually with lopping shears) to suit one’s individual tastes, not to be confused with…
  • Pruning: the health-maintenance process wherein a Tree Surgeon uses smaller shears to adeptly remove any dead or dying branches, ensuring the tree’s short-term stability as well as its robust future growth

Tree Anatomy with Tree Care

  • Crown: the top of a tree; the first “portion” to begin emerging from the soil, where in maturity fruits and flowers grow. This leaves of this lush canopy do the vast majority photosynthesis work, simultaneously “feeding” the tree and purifying surrounding air.
  • Root Collar: the term for the “ring” of roots where they meet up with the trunk. Critical for the free flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide; mustn’t be weighed down by soil (let alone buried), as this would staunch the O2 /CO2 transmittal.
  • Drip Line: when water falls from the canopy, it is most efficiently caught and retained here in the portion of the tree just below the crown proper. This is accomplished by a localized abundance of mini-roots—called feeder rootlets—that extend to absorb nutrients as well as water.


  • Soil Injection: liquid fertilizer injected into root adjacent soil for highly efficient absorption and distribution
  • Trunk Injection: generally used to revitalize unhealthy trees, this fertilizer delivery method involves the placement of any number of miniscule, regularly-spaced holes to act as multiple points of access for the direct administration of restorative treatments

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