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How to Decide on the Right Tree Planting Spot

How to Decide on the Right Tree Planting Spot

Tree planting is great for making an area look nicer, cleaning up our air, providing shade, and so much more.

There are so many reasons to plant a tree. Tree planting is great for making an area look nicer, cleaning up our air, providing shade, and so much more. And while so many people make the effort to find the right kind of tree for them, digging a suitable hole, and doing all the maintenance work to keep the tree alive, sometimes they forget about all of the thought that goes into picking a tree planting spot in the first place.

Moving a tree is difficult and costly, and if you want to keep your trees around for years, decades, maybe even centuries to come, you might as well get the planting location correct. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you do.

Surrounding Structures

Get the obvious considerations out of the way first. Trees can go large and you don’t what was planned to be beautiful shade around your deck to suddenly be an intrusive hazard. When you have a tree species in imnd, check with an arborist and figure out what the required growing space is. That should give you an idea as to how close you can get to nearby buildings. If in doubt, play it safe: tree planting can end up taking up more space than one might realize.

Above & Below

Now to something a little less obvious: what’s overhead and underground. Be aware of any overhead power lines or underground utility lines before you get to work. You don’t want to find that your tall trees you’ve planted are going to grow to be big enough to hit power lines, causing trouble for you, your utility company, and potentially even your neighbors. 

Likewise, make sure you check for any underground utility lines in the area before planting. You don’t want tree roots bursting through your sewer line and causing a billion different headaches for dozens of different parties. Be safe from the beginning!


Remember that what looks good today may not look so great tomorrow. Seasons change, and that could end up being a problem for a growing tree. Are there other surrounding trees that will block sunlight? Will the shade you’re trying to get totally change once the seasons change? Will your new tree have fruit, potentially leaving you with messy cleanup? All worth thinking about.

Future Planning

Do your best to peer into the future and think about any possible future considerations. You might need room to grow if you’re planning on adding family members, or add other extras like a shed or garage. Try to avoid planting trees in any valuable space that you may have other plans for later down the line.

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