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How Trees Can Harm Your Property

How Trees Can Harm Your Property

Trees that are not properly taken care of are likely to pose a significant risk to your property.

For the most part, trees that are not properly taken care of are likely to pose a significant risk to your property. In fact, trees might be a great aesthetic addition to your overall landscape. The reality is, they might be a wonderful addition to enhance the overall landscape, but might also pose a risk of harming your property as well. Ultimately, planting trees properly and knowing how large they intend to grow can help you protect your property and landscape overall. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to trees and protecting your property over time.

Roots That Are Blocking Your Pipes

Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to check the subsurface of your yard to make sure they know where specifically all the pipes are located. In fact, missing this key element of a routine tree planting process can end up leading to roots that are tangled and growing into your pipes — wreaking havoc down the line. The reality is, tree roots are consistently on the hunt for water and nutrients — which is why they tend to gravitate towards pipes underground when they aren’t watered or planted properly. Ultimately, trees can lead to a wide array of issues with your pipes when they are planted too closely to them like pipe clogs and more issues that’ll under your plumbing generally. 

Water Damage Caused By Clogged Pipes

There is no denying that water damage is quite costly to repair and can significantly hinder the structural integrity of your property overall. In fact, understanding that tree roots can end up leading to water damage should signal that you want to make sure your trees are planted and maintained adequately over the years — to keep your property safe for the entire family. The reality is, tree roots are notorious for getting into things that’ll impact the plumbing system of your property itself. Ultimately, clogged gutters will tend to not just increase the overall chance of your water backing up in the attic, it can also cause your gutters to completely overflow. 

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