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How to Take Care of Your Trees Before and After a Storm

How to Take Care of Your Trees Before and After a Storm

There are some precautionary measures you can always take before and after a heavy storm to protect your trees.

If you are expecting a storm coming your way, you definitely want to protect your property overall. In fact, windy thunderstorms — particularly during the summer months — will end up leaving you with broken tree limbs and other debris in your yard. For the most part, severe storms are significantly more common and frequent these days which is why you really do want to make sure that your property is properly protected from any damage. The reality is, maintaining healthy trees is just one way to help keep your yard and property safe even amidst a heavy rainstorm. Ultimately, there are some precautionary measures you can always take prior to a heavy storm as well as certain measures to take immediately after to ensure that your yard and trees and other landscaping components are healthy, safe, and secure. Here is a great guide to help you maintain a healthy landscape pre and post heavy rainstorm.

Maintaining Healthy Trees During The Year

It doesn’t matter the time of year, proper tree care is essential throughout the year. In fact, you want your trees to be healthy all year round. The reality is, doing so involves a bit of maintenance for homeowners. Ultimately, when trees are either stressed or even diseased, they are significantly more likely to suffer from breakage due to high winds a lot more frequently than healthy trees

Professional Inspections Are Key

There is no denying that having your trees expertly inspected can do wonders to your overall landscape withstanding heavy thunderstorms. In fact, there are some important things that professional inspections can uncover about your trees. The reality is, if you already have mature, shade trees in your yard, you’ll want to make sure that those specific trees are inspected by a professional arborist to ensure they are healthy and strong — to withstand the heft of a strong thunderstorm that is all too common in the mid-atlantic. Ultimately, arborists are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to really investigate and locate any potential weaknesses with your trees and resolve them prior to a heavy thunderstorm coming your way. 

Professional Tree Service from Harford Tree

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