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What to Do and Not to Do for Mulching Your Trees

What to Do and Not to Do for Mulching Your Trees

It is important to mulch the trees in your yard correctly if you’d like them to grow big and strong.

Mulch is not an absolute requirement for landscaping trees, but it could provide a slate of benefits for both your landscape’s appearance and for the health of the tree. If you are planning to have the trees mulched, you will want to know a bit more about the process before you begin. Mulching the trees in your yard correctly is important if you want your trees to grow big and strong. Read on for some do’s and don’ts to consider as you’re planning to mulch your trees.

Spread Mulch Out Wide Enough

A solid layer of mulch can help protect a tree’s roots from the greedy competition of grassroots. Although the tree’s main root ball might have looked small when you planted the tree, the roots will expand a lot over the next couple of years, just like the branches will. Ideally, you will want the tree’s mulch to be several feet wide, and you might want to expand it a bit each year as the tree starts to grow.

Do Not Mulch Too Deep or Thick

While mulch can be a good influence, there is such a thing as too much mulch. If you make it way too deep and pile it right against the tree’s trunk, mulch can start to break down in ways that could hurt your tree. For example, mulch can harbor moisture can cause the trunk to rot, and it could even provide living space for insects that might attack a tree.

Water Your Trees After Mulching

You might have heard that mulch will help conserve water and help reduce evaporation. While this is true, it does not mean that your tree will not need supplemental water to drink, especially in the hot weather and drier times of the year. So make sure you’re watering your trees every day, even if they are well-mulched. You can also use organic mulch around your tree since they’re better for the environment.

Do Not Use Mulch from Diseased Trees

Piling mulch against the tree trunk is not the only way mulch can harm your tree. It can also carry diseases from another tree if you use wood chips as your mulching material. If you wish to use wood chips, consider using chips that have already been entirely composted, and do not use chips that you know that came from a sick tree.

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