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What Should My Tree Pruning Schedule Look Like?

What Should My Tree Pruning Schedule Look Like?

Tree pruning is critical for so many different reasons.

What is quite interesting about summer is that tree pruning becomes increasingly important — however many homeowners forget to prune their trees ahead of the warm weather season. In fact, pruning your trees is an essential component of being a homeowner with trees that are healthy and can withstand the test of time — otherwise, you may risk the health of your trees down the line. The reality is, tree pruning is critical for so many different reasons. Ultimately, tree pruning ensures that your trees continue to grow healthily for many years to come. Here are the key things to keep in mind when it comes to creating an effective and efficient tree pruning schedule for your property. 

Properly Pruning Twigs And Branches

When it comes to twigs and branches, they’ll need to be pruned ahead of the summer season — fall typically is the optimal time to prune your trees for the best results. In fact, all you need are a few essential hand tools that’ll make the actual pruning process seamless and easy for anyone to tackle. The reality is, making sure you effectively and efficiently prune your tree branches — typically a quarter inch per branch — can make a world of a difference when it comes to the health of your trees overall. Ultimately, pruning will tend to promote tree growth — allowing you to maintain healthy trees on your property.

Pruning Large Branches Requires More Time

For the most part, it tends to become increasingly important to prune large branches about three to four times throughout the process overall. In fact, properly pruned tree branches will typically form a callus once they are cut. The reality is, the calluses that result traditionally are needed for a healthy tree to grow strong and long. Ultimately, pruning your tree will give it the essential elements needed to grow healthy for many years to come.

Early Summer Pruning

During this time of year, it’s ideal to prune those hedges, evergreen trees, and any early-spring blooming trees you have on your property. In fact, you might want to wait until late summer to prune both maple trees as well as birch trees. The reality is, winter is the ideal time to prune those mature trees while early spring is great to prune any summer-blooming trees you have in your yard. Ultimately, being aware of the optimal time to prune your trees and shrubs can make a huge difference to your overall landscape down the line. 

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