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Fastest Growing Shrubs For This Year

Fastest Growing Shrubs for This Year

Shrubs can add a lovely color aspect to your landscape overall with their unique color combinations.

There is no denying that growing shrubs are key to any successful landscape design. In fact, bushes and shrubs tend to tie the overall landscape design together. The reality is, bushes typically provide a lovely element of shade which can help to protect any wildlife while amplifying the amount of privacy to your landscape overall. Ultimately, shrubs can add a lovely color aspect to your landscape overall with their unique color combinations — particularly when they are in full bloom during the spring and fall seasons. Here are some of the faster growing shrubs that you might want to invest in when it comes to designing an updated landscape for your property.

Blue Hydrangeas

For the most part, blue hydrangeas are beloved by so many property owners for a number of reasons — one of them being that they can easily complement any type of landscape design. In fact, when you think of a hydrangea, the blue type is usually the one that typically comes to mind. The reality is, during the warm summer months, blue hydrangeas typically transform into magnificently beautiful blooms that’ll surely add a lovely robust color to your landscape overall. Ultimately, they can usually stand alone as a shrub, which is why they are usually quite versatile in general.

North Privets

The most common shrub is a north pivot. In fact, these hedges grow rapidly. The reality is, having north privets can provide you with the lush greenery your landscape is yearning for — particularly during the warmer months. Ultimately, these shrubs are quite formal in nature which is exactly why they will need to be well-maintained and trimmed to keep them in tip-top shape. For the most part, when you choose to grow a north privet as a hedge, ensuring you shear it early on can be a wonderful way to develop thicker layers of branches for year-round privacy overall. As a result, you really can’t go wrong with adding north privets to your landscape design — and now might be the perfect time to do so! 

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