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When You Will Need a Tree Crane for Your Landscape

When You Will Need a Tree Crane for Your Landscape

Although not always necessary for each removal, tree cranes are used in different situations.

Do you need a tree crane while performing tree maintenance? Safety is always the number one top concern while working with trees on your property’s landscape, no matter the shape or size. Although not always necessary for each removal, tree cranes are used in different situations where traditional tree removal practices would generally be unsafe or create extra hazards for arborists, homeowners, or your property. Read on to learn more about a few different scenarios when a crane is required and why tree removal experts trust in this kind of technique!

Utilizing Cranes for Usual Tree Maintenance

Although a lot of crane services required for trees are for the main purpose of removal, there are also a few times when proper tree maintenance is not possible unless a crane is fully utilized. For taller trees that require pruning, a crane can’t only lift the arborist to the height of your canopy, but it can also provide a spot for cut limbs to fall off safely. Also, using the crane can be useful for tall tree inspections so professionals can better assess the health and integrity of the tree despite its long height.

Using Cranes for Tree Removal Services

While surveying a tree and the surrounding land, professional arborists might consider a few different factors while deciding whether a tree crane will be required for removal services. In general, a crane is also used to prevent any further hazards or damage than what the tree is already causing or has the potential of causing. Crane-assisted tree removal is usually the safest and most effective solution as well. Consider using a crane for tree removal services when:

  • A tree is weak and leaning close to a house or commercial building
  • A tree is too tall to cut from the ground
  • A tree is near or has grown tangled around electrical wiring and cables
  • A tree is diseased or decayed
  • A tree has fallen down on top of or against a house or other big structure

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