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What is a Swale and How Your Property Could Benefit From One

What is a Swale and Why Your Property Could Benefit From One

A swale can be a great solution to many peoples’ yard drainage issues.

When it comes to yard drainage, having excess water that puddles in the yard can be dangerous and lead to a disaster for your property over time. In fact, there are drainage solutions that can help your property avoid a flood or other disaster. The reality is, swales tend to be a great solution to many peoples’ yard drainage issues. Ultimately, rain is in the forecast when it comes to the warmer months which is why your property might really benefit from installing a swale to curb the risk of flooding. Here are a few reasons why swales are a great addition to any property and how they work.

Understanding How Swales Work

Generally, swales are designed to seamlessly carry rainwater away from your home and property — to reduce the risk of flooding after a rainstorm. In fact, swales typically work to collect rainwater by effectively and efficiently using gravity — because swales are installed underground. The reality is, a swale will usually collect the water by being installed on the lowest point in a specific area and is then diverted or pitched wherever you want it to go. Ultimately, when swales are installed, they are done so in a specific area where the ground is sloped to simply allow all the rainwater to flow downhill within the swale itself.

An Effective And Efficient Swale Design

There are a few different ways swales can be designed — and finding the right one for your property is easier than you think. In fact, a professional can come out to inspect and determine the best width of your swale and the ideal and most optimal location to install it on your specific property. The reality is, installing a swale requires a professional to examine the property but working with experienced professionals who have the knowledge and expertise of installing swales can be incredibly worthwhile. Ultimately, swales are usually designed and installed so that the water is distributed to a basin, street, or tributary, among others. At the end of the day, having a swale installed on your property, you can really reduce the risk of your property being ruined the next time there is a severe rainstorm. 

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