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Why Shrub Pruning is Essential

Why Shrub Pruning is Essential

If your landscape has shrubs and you’re not performing shrub pruning, you may be missing out on some potential benefits.

If your landscape has shrubs and you’re not performing shrub pruning, you may be missing out on some potential benefits. Sure—your shrubs on your property will improve your soil quality, make the air cleaner, and create beautiful habitats for wildlife to live in. We all love these small or medium-sized woody plants that seem to match any landscape and any home. 

However, if you aren’t taking the time to do some pruning, your shrubs aren’t living their best life. Pruning shrubs helps keep them healthy and looking as good as they possibly can. Let’s take a closer look.

Shaping Your Shrubs

Truthfully, even if pruning shrubs didn’t have any additional benefits beyond its aesthetics, people would still do it. That’s because an overgrown shrub ends up being unsightly and may even block an otherwise-lovely view. Taking matters into your own hand by pruning a shrub allows you to closely control its shape, allowing you to change how it looks, reduce its size, and even enhance its flowering capabilities—provided you’re pruning at the right time of year.

Longer-Lasting Plants

If you’re correctly pruning your shrubs, it could actually increase their lifespan. There’s evidence that doing so will help a shrub’s ability to get through extreme weather including snow, ice, and windy storms. Plus, removing the right branches can help make for a healthier, more sturdy shrub that has more access to air and sunlight. Anyone who wants to invest in the health of their plants should consider pruning.

Encourage Growth

As with tree trimming, pruning a shrub will help promote new growth. If done right, it should free up resources your tree has to grow in ways that you actually want. It also helps stimulate growth hormones and will cause your shrub to bounce back! 

Fix Any Issues

Are your shrub’s branches too bunched together? Is it struggling to get enough sunlight? This is where pruning comes in. You can help fix any issues that are preventing your shrub from growing as best as it possibly can. 

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