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Why Does Bark Fall Off Your Trees?

Why Does Bark Fall Off Your Trees?

This blog will delve into the grainy particulars of bark shedding and what it means for your trees.

If you’ve noticed bark falling from your trees, you may well have been… stricken. -Likely not by bits of wood raining down from on high, but, perhaps by the realization that you’d never before noticed (or even considered the possibility) of such an occurrence—and whether this might all indicate some cause for concern. Bark’s protective layer is a tree’s frontline defense, after all. 

And, yes, bark shedding can occur as part of a natural growth cycle process, among other innocuous reasons. To wit: not all shedding is indicative of a problem. Some, however, is.

Read along below as we delve into the grainy particulars of bark shedding, and help you learn to recognize when the need for swift intervention has arisen.

Hypoxylon Canker and Other Issues

One potential cause of bark shedding is a fungal disease called Hypoxylon canker. If your tree is affected by this condition you’ll notice bark loss, yellowing/wilting leaves, dying branches; the prognosis is… dire. There exists no cure for Hypoxylon canker, making it crucial to remove any affected trees as quickly as possible to minimize the infection’s transition to arboreal neighbors.

Natural Bark Shedding

Despite an oddly-persistent common belief to the contrary, bark shedding can be a normal and. Indeed, healthy process for trees. Just as certain reptiles swap out their skinsuits when the fit’s getting too snug, trees can shed old layers of bark to make way for new growth as needed. This natural exfoliation occurs as the older bark dries out and loses elasticity, leading to cracking and splitting. Birch and sycamore trees, to cite a common few, are heavy (natural) shedders.

Bark Shedding Due to Environmental Factors

Of course, depending on local climate conditions, trees can stand to lose healthy bark in unhealthy quantities at whims of extreme weather phenomena, subject to (e.g.) sunscald, gale-force winds, frost damage… This type of “extreme” shedding can be pretty nefarious, as structural weakening may result and shorten its lifespan drastically. -The more exposed wood you see, the worse the tree’s chance for survival. So, if you happen to live where extreme weather (of whatever sort) can strike suddenly, a preparedness consultation with the pros would be most wise.

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