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Should You Go With Tree Cabling?

Should You Go With Tree Cabling?

We can help ensure that tree cabling is used properly.

You might have heard of tree cabling before but have no idea what it entails or why anyone would choose to do it. Thankfully, the experts here at Harford Tree have all of the answers to those questions and some reasons you may want to think about tree cabling.

It might just be that there’s one tree that could use some extra support before that big storm comes through. Alternatively, you may need to protect a whole group of trees. With our experience, we can help ensure that tree cabling is used properly, only in instances where it makes sense, and that your trees are left healthy and looking fantastic.

What is It?

Tree cabling and bracing is defined as techniques that support weak trees and help relieve some of the stress that’s being put on them. It’s an important option for preventing future damage due to heavy foliage, high winds, or other instances of severe weather. 

To do this, high-strength steel cables are attached to bolts that are put in the upper part of a tree. The result is much more limited movement for those branches, which also means better support. Braces are similar but use threaded rods that are attached to the tree where a weak branch intersects the trunk in order to create more support and prevent the branches from twisting.

Both cabling and bracing are something you shouldn’t do alone. Instead, bring in a professional arborist who is going to have the experience and materials necessary to comply with industry standards. You’re also going to want to do regular maintenance after installation is done to ensure that everything is working as it should and that no further damage to the tree has happened.

Why Do It?

While tree cabling and bracing can be extremely dangerous processes that require an expert’s hands, it isn’t without its benefits. Often times an arborist will make the decision to pursue tree cabling if a tree is incredibly weak and if there is potential damage otherwise. By working with a professional, they can keep you in the loop about whatever they choose to do, but some of the benefits of tree cabling include:

  • Supporting new trees that may have heavy foliage and/or branches
  • Extending or protecting the life of a tree
  • Protecting your home from potential storm damage that may result from weak trees
  • Giving your tree the support it needs without impacting its growth

Reach out today if you have more questions about tree cabling or bracing.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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