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The Various Ways a Tree Could Damage Your Home

The Various Ways a Tree Could Damage Your Home

If there is a huge tree in your yard that is still thriving and growing quickly, there are some serious concerns you might have to consider.

Having a beautiful tree in your yard is something that feels like a blessing once you’ve purchased the house of your dreams. In fact, beautiful trees are something people look out for when they are looking to buy a property. While they’re certainly an enjoyable part of various locations, they could also be quite destructive. Harford Tree has worked in a lot of situations where we’ve seen trees do lovely things, and the result of that was damage to your house. If there is a huge tree in your yard that is still thriving and growing quickly, these are some of the serious concerns you might have to consider to keep them from harming your house. Read on to learn more!

How a Tree Could Damage Your Home

When you think about roots, the last thing you will think about is their strength and the ability that they have to cause damage. Roots are one of the top and common problems that we have to handle with while removing trees, and they are something that could cause damage in more than one way. Regarding your foundation, the roots of your trees have the strength to move the materials and the soil of your home so they can grow. As they grow, these materials and the soil shift, which could create weak points in your foundation if it continues. Roots can break down your plumbing pipes too. If you have ever seen some water building up in your basement, even if it’s small puddles of water, there is a small chance that the roots are making their way into your plumbing.

Dead Trees on Your Property

Another issue we deal with a lot is dead trees that still need to be removed. Awareness of your tree’s health can give you plenty of insight into what needs must be done to keep your family and house safe from trees. These cases are going to be relatively straightforward with what you have to look for. We say this because cracks are among the top signs of danger you will see in these cases. Whether from a storm, old age, or the weight of the tree, a crack in the tree’s trunk is a serious sign that the tree might crack and tip over at one point in time.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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