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Signs That You Need to Trim Your Trees

Signs That You Need to Trim Your Trees

There are several key signs that it’s time to trim your trees.

Trees are a valuable addition to almost any property. Once you find the right tree for your yard, they offer many benefits, including shade that can help lower the cooling costs for building, a complex root structure that can help hold in soil and prevent erosion, and beauty that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home and can boost property value. Trees also offer the gift of fresh air, of course, since they produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Trees do require work in exchange for all they provide, however. You as the tree owner need to be maintaining the health and safety of the tree from the deep roots to the tips of the branches. Trimming is one of the most important routine tasks you need to be doing. Here are several key signs that it is time to trim your trees.

Branches Are Dead

Dead branches on a tree are a danger and a liability. If they fall down and damage something or hurt someone, even if they come down in a storm, you could be responsible because you failed to prune them out. If you see dead branches on your tree, make an appointment to have a certified tree specialist come out and assess how best to get them down. This is assume they are high up in a big tree, of course – if your low, young tree has dead branches, you could trim them yourself, but you’d probably also want to consult an expert on what your young tree needs to be healthy. Pruning these dead branches can also help limit the spread of whatever disease or pest is causing the problem.

Branches are Cracked Or Damaged

Branches that aren’t dead but are damaged or cracked also need to be trimmed. These branches could easily become a hazard in high winds or storms, since they are already compromised. Damaged branches are also a welcome mat for pests and diseases that could eventually take out your whole tree. 

Branches Hang Low

Healthy branches that hang low over walkways or driveways can also be a hazard to people and property and should be trimmed.  Low hanging branches in trees where no one needs to travel are less of an issue.

Branches Are Overgrown

Overgrown branches means branches that extend too far from the trunk of the tree (not branches with too many leaves necessarily). When the branches grow too long, they become more easily broken, especially in severe weather, meaning that even perfectly healthy branches can be a hazard.

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