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Properly Caring for Your Tree’s Roots

Properly Caring for Your Tree's Roots

While most trees tend to be self-sufficient once they’re established, you should still take care of its roots.

Trees are an very valuable addition to most properties. They provide shade, which can help control cooling costs in the heat of the summer. They also add aesthetic value, increasing the curb appeal of your home. Their beauty has also been show to help improve mood. The incredible benefits of planting and taking care of trees do require work on your part. While most trees tend to be self-sufficient once they’re established (you don’t typically need to water mature trees for instance), there are some tasks that you should be doing to care for any trees on your property so that they stay healthy and don’t become a potential liability (like pruning or having a tree service take care of potentially dangerous limbs). Many of the tree care tasks that you need to do for mature trees come down to caring for the tree’s root system so that the tree can take care of itself better. 

The Importance Of Roots

The root system of the tree does a lot of important work, including holding it in place. If you think about it, trees look really top-heavy, but they don’t fall over – this is because the root system extends out below the soil in a similar way to the branches and anchors the tree. The roots also absorb most of the important nutrients that a tree needs from the soil when they draw up water. 

Avoid Damaging Roots

If you have to dig around a tree, avoid cutting the roots whenever possible. If you cut a tree’s root, you open it up to tree diseases and insects that could eventually kill it. Cutting roots also causes stress on the tree, which could make it less likely to survive the coming seasons. 

What Roots Need

Roots need to be able to draw up water and nutrients, and to draw up oxygen. They need to not be constantly stressed or damaged. And finally, they need to be able to grow and spread through the soil. To facilitate all of this, you should make sure that the dirt around your tree’s root system is not too compacted (and try not to walk on the root area too much). Next, mulch around your trees each spring. Mulch will help to protect the root system from stress and damage, while also keeping it warm on the cold spring nights and holding in moisture as the days get warmer. As you move into summer, most trees that are older them 3 years won’t need watering, unless it is a drought. If your trees are young, you should water them 1-2 times a week. If they’re mature but it hasn’t rained in the last month, you should water those as well. 

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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