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Mastering Tree Care in 2023

Mastering Tree Care in 2023

We want to shed some light on areas we think can take you to the next level in terms of tree care.

Keeping any plant healthy can be a difficult enough task, let alone figuring out what your tree needs. While we’re always around if you need to call in a pro, we also want to shed some light on areas we think can take you to the next level in terms of tree care. Specifically, there are three ways to go from novice to master in the world of tree care: fertilization, disease control, and insect control. 

Consistency and understanding your tree care needs can go a long way. Proper, regular treatments in these areas can be extremely effective. Read on for more tips on how you can become a master of tree care this year.

Routine Fertilization

A critical part of tree care is regular fertilization. Your trees may make their own food through photosynthesis, but fertilizing them will get them additional nutrients that can help improve that food-making process. We also know that nutrients in soil can end up being removed due to factors like erosion or leaching and by fertilizing, you can replace those nutrients. 

This is extremely beneficial for things like nitrogen, which helps make healthy, green leaves, or phosphorous, which helps your tree create stronger, deeper roots. Potassium is also an essential nutrient that can help prevent infestations. Just remember that fertilizing needs to be done regularly to be truly effective.

Insect Protection

If left unaddressed, pests can cause quite a lot of damage to your trees. Mastering plant care involves giving yourself any kind of protection you need and that includes stopping plant-harming insects. If you’re having major issues, you may want to sign up for preventative treatments from a professional like Harford Tree. Otherwise, look around at products that are meant to prevent insects from hurting your trees and are specifically noted as being safe for the kind of tree you have.

Prevent Disease

Like insects, diseases can cause serious issues in terms of the health and appearance of your trees. The best way to stop diseases from ever becoming an issue is to take care of your trees such that they’re able to naturally resist them anyways. No matter your best efforts though, diseases can still be a problem. Figure out how to diagnose it and if necessary, bring in an expert to help you take care of the diseased tree before it spreads to others.

Professional Tree Service from Harford Tree

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