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Is It Possible to Save a Sick Tree?

Is It Possible to Save a Sick Tree?

Without vigilant care, a sick tree can rot clean through and come crashing into anything around it.

Diseased trees, a decent alt-rock band name but a bummer on your property, don’t just look dreadful—they can also be outright hazardous. Without vigilant care, a sick tree can rot clean through and come crashing into whatever happens to intersect with its downward trajectory. And, wherever it should fall, very likely smushing anything smushable…

However! With the right treatment, it is indeed possible to save a diseased tree! (Sorry for the spoiler.) Kindly read along below to learn just how.


It’s important to first identify if your tree is sick. Natural/weather phenomena, animals, insects, or overwatering can all cause tree diseases. Common signs that your tree needs some TLC include loss of foliage, brittle or discolored leaves and bark, fungus, and the proximal presence of pests. An proper diagnosis by a tree expert can determine the cause of the problem, which in turn will help determinate the appropriate course of action.

Common Tree Diseases

Different conditions, alas, require different treatments. Gaining familiarity with some of the more common tree maladies is therefore likely to your benefit.

Pine needle blight is caused by certain fungi, and characterized by a yellowing of needles, along with unusual changes to bark coloring. (A great preliminary diagnostic screening process: Determine if your sick tree is a pine tree, accomplishable by briefly looking at it, incidentally glimpsing it in your periphery, or possessing prior knowledge as to whether pines adorn your home landscape. If not, back to the drawing board.)

Pine needle rust, on the other hand, is characterized by… yellow spots on needles and discolored bark. (-An expert may be needed to differentiate this condition from the one described above it…)

Anthracnose is less discriminating with regards to specificity in its tree-victims. This condition most often appears in the springtime, manifesting as dead patches and black spots on leaves or stems or a variety of regional trees. 

Oak wilt also tends to set in during the spring, another fungus-borne disease. And another characterized by the yellowing of needles and weird-colored bark… It’s a sickness, dear reader, affects oak trees. This one’s a particular nuisance in consideration of its expert capacity to spread among neighboring trees.

Treatment and Care

As mentioned, condition-specific treatment is key. Fungicides, for instance, are gangbusters when it comes to fungus (!), but not so much against non-fungal diseases… It’s important to note that having a solid tree care routine—and sticking to it—can effectively act as means of preventative care: pruning, watering correctly, ensuring proper nourishment and exposure to sunlight, etc. Eradicating (or otherwise removing the threat posed by) pests at the first sign of their presence is also crucial, as they can quickly wreak havoc sufficient to kill your poor beloved tree-pal.

In fact, expedience is all-around one of the best tools in your tree-saving arsenal, however intangible… If your trees look funky, take swift action. Delaying allows the disease to progress, potentially increasing both the realization likelihood and the magnitude of every risk mentioned throughout this guide—which concludes now with a reminder that it is possible to save a sick tree. -Just don’t hesitate.

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