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Tree Fungus and Its Impact on Your Trees

Tree Fungus and Its Impact on Your Trees

There is really no denying that tree fungus can be incredibly harmful to your trees.

There is really no denying that tree fungus can be incredibly harmful to your trees overall. In fact, trees can end up being infested with fungus when they aren’t properly maintained throughout the year. The reality is, trees tend to be a wonderful addition to any landscape design. Ultimately, if left untreated, your trees can end up needing to be removed — which can hinder your overall landscape down the line. Here are just some of the significant impacts associated with tree fungus — and how to avoid it from wreaking havoc on your trees.

How Trees Get Fungus In The First Place

For the most part, tree fungus is all too common — but can lead to lasting damage for your trees down the line. In fact, there are many different types of fungus that could wreak havoc on your trees — and that might be due to a variety of different environmental factors. The reality is, if there is too much moisture in the soil, it might lead to oversaturation which can breed fungus on your trees. Ultimately, stressed and weakened trees might also be incredibly susceptible to fungus compared to healthier trees overall.

Preventing Tree Fungus From Ruining Your Trees

When it comes to preventing tree fungus from claiming your trees, it might be wonderfully beneficial to take steps throughout the year to properly maintain your trees and landscape overall. In fact, tree fungus grows as a result of poor care. The reality is, you want to make sure that you avoid planting any trees near water — since that will likely lead to excess moisture in the soil which thereby will likely cause tree fungus to grow over time. Ultimately, if your tree does end up getting infected with fungus, it is often best to contact a professional who can help treat the problem immediately — before it does even more damage. At the end of the day, there is really nothing worse than a tree with fungus on it — it can harm your general landscape design and other greenery as well. 

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