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Ideas for Filling the Space Where a Tree Was

Ideas for Filling the Space Where a Tree Was

Filling the space where it used to be a tree can be tricky for so many homeowners.

There is really no denying that when it comes to a tree on your property, filling the space where it used to be a tree can be tricky for so many homeowners. In fact, trees and landscaping typically go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill that space where a tree once stood — you actually have a myriad of options available to you. The reality is, whenever you remove a tree from your yard, the general landscape will change immediately. Ultimately, there are so many different ways that you can use your creativity to find solutions for the space where a tree once was. Here are some innovative and creative solutions to the issue of filling the space where a tree once stood.

Planting A New Tree

When it comes to filling the space where a tree once was, planning a new one could be a simple solution — it’ll replace the tree that used to be there. In fact, choosing to simply replant a tree in place of the one that was removed is a super effective and efficient way to handle the situation. The reality is, new trees tend to add a pleasant appeal to the landscape overall. Ultimately, a new tree will usually take a while to grow into what used to be there but with time, the overall landscape will look just as it used to — so it all comes down to how quickly you want to have a landscape that you are proud of or whether you have time to wait for a new tree to grow into full bloom. 

Creating A Garden

For the most part, trees are a great landscape addition, but a garden can be a really unique way to allow your landscape to get a bit of umph. In fact, a beautiful garden is usually a really effective and efficient use of the space. The reality is, when a tree is removed, you might want to avoid planting a new tree and try something different to enhance the general landscape and a garden can be a great solution overall. Ultimately, if you have a green thumb, creating a garden in your yard can actually be a very worthwhile endeavor. 

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