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When Should You Remove a Dead Tree?

When Should You Remove a Dead Tree?

A dead tree can have serious impacts on your property and the people around it, so once a tree dies it’s typically best to have it removed.

We love trees as much as the next professional arborist company, but there are, unfortunately, times when they need to be removed. In particular, a dead tree can have serious impacts on your property and the people around it, so once a tree dies it’s typically best to have it removed.

You may not know what a dead tree looks like, how it’s removed, or whether or not you can do it yourself. We see so many people struggling with a dead tree on their property and sometimes people aren’t even sure if it’s dead or if it needs to be removed. Let’s dive into some of the basics.

Dead Tree Symptoms to Look For

A dead tree should be removed if it becomes a safety hazard, which we’ll get into, but it’s also important that you’re able to recognize whether or not a tree is dead. There are a few key symptoms. This includes fungi, like mushrooms, growing at the base of your tree. Chipped and peeling bark can also be a good sign. You may be dealing with a dead tree if you notice large cavities in the trunk or hollowed-out branches. Lastly, an early sign is having twigs that have no living buds at the end of branches, which becomes more apparent when they don’t bloom during the spring.

Should I Hire Someone or DIY?

We tend to recommend working with a professional arborist when it comes to anything involving safety, which a dead tree often does. If you hire one, they will inspect the tree, determine whether removal is appropriate, and then provide you with an estimate.

Doing the removal yourself can be quite dangerous, particularly if you plan to climb a ladder with heavy tools to remove some of the dead branches beforehand. It’s easier than one might think to fall off the ladder and get cut by one of those sharp tools. 

People get hurt or even killed every year when trying to do their own tree removal. If you’re not completely certain of your capabilities to get the job done, turn to a pro like Harford Tree.

Remove a Hazardous Dead Tree

If a tree is dead or dying, it’s a hazard. It’s really a question of how urgent dealing with that hazard is. If your dead tree is located near property or an area where someone might reasonably be walking, that’s a problem as branches can fall down and hurt something or someone.

Generally, though, it’s best to err on the side of caution and get a dead tree removed as soon as you notice it. If you need help, reach out to Harford Tree today.

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