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Top Tips for Quality Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a fantastic way to keep your trees looking fresh and healthy–but how is it done?

Tree pruning is a critical part of maintaining the health of every tree in your yard. While you don’t always need to prune your trees every season, it is important that they are properly pruned at least once a year. Thankfully, the pruning process is fairly simple and the experts at Harford Tree are here to help! Here is what you should know about quality tree pruning.

Our Top Tree Pruning Tips

To ensure that your tree pruning goes smoothly, use the following tips:

  • Start with a visual inspection of the tree. Always start at the top of the tree and work downward.
  • Follow the 1/3 and ¼ rules of pruning. You should never take away over 25% of a tree’s crown. The main side branches of the tree should be 1/3 smaller than the diameter of the trunk. If you have a broadleaf tree, you should leave 2/3 of the tree’s height (from the bottom) untouched.
  • The tree should only have one trunk. Your tree care professional should determine which branches are the leader branches and which are the later branches before the pruning process begins.
  • Sharpen all of your pruning tools before you actually start cutting. You don’t need to worry about protecting the cuts afterwards, as long as your tools are sharp and clean.
  • If you have a good deal of pruning that needs to be done, ask an arborist to take care of the project. Pole pruners are difficult to safely use, so you should never attempt to handle large, high branches on your own.
  • When making cuts as you prune, make the cuts at the lateral bud or lateral branch. You should never make your pruning cuts too slanted or too long.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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