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3 Reasons to Leave Tree Removal to the Pros

Tree Removal

Tree removal is best left to the professionals in order to be certain the job is done properly and safely.

Getting rid of a damaged tree may seem simple. After all, it’s just a giant hunk of bark that has fallen down in your yard and you want to do whatever you must to get rid of it. You may be staring into your backyard wondering, “Why shouldn’t I just grab the chainsaw and get this nuisance out of here myself?!” Well, there’s a whole host of reasons! For one, your safety could be put in jeopardy if you try the job yourself. Here are our top 3 reasons to leave tree removal to the pros.

1. Danger of Power Lines

Working with power lines is incredibly dangerous. There’s a reason you’ll notice most people who are working near them have the right tools for the job, including a healthy dose of safety gear. That means that if your tree is anywhere near a power line and you try to perform tree removal yourself, there’s a looming safety hazard. Those wires may be live and if your saw or tree were to hit the power line while trying to get the job done yourself, you may cause some damage. Best case scenario you knock the power out for the entire neighborhood, but worst case scenario, you may injure yourself.

2. Decaying Wood

While that tree may appear completely fresh and able to be easily moved, only a professional will really be able to tell. There’s always the chance that the inside of the tree has decayed so much so that if you were to chop into it, it may collapse or fall over. This could just make your job a lot more difficult or, worse yet, it could lead to someone being injured or property damage occurring.

3. Wrong Equipment

Professionals are always going to be geared up with the proper equipment for the job. Consider that The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires those professionals to wear the right protective gear, whereas there’s no such requirement for yourself, and even finding out what that safety equipment may be could prove to be difficult. Experts are also well-versed in how to use chainsaws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers if the job requires it. The pros will ensure that your tree removal is handled with care.

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