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Why You Should Remove That Dead Tree Right Now

Dead Tree

Removing that dead tree may not seem like a pressing concern, but it can be a serious risk.

Dead trees may seem like they’re just a bit of a nuisance, but there are actually some really good reasons to get rid of them immediately. You may want to remove your dead tree because it’s just outright unsightly which isn’t the only reason to get rid of it. Removing the dead tree yourself may be difficult, so if you need to, contact a professional like us at Harford Tree. If the job is to be done safely, you’ll need a professional with experience. Doing the job yourself could end up costing more in the long run anyway. Here are some reasons you should remove that dead tree before the problem gets worse.

They’re Dangerous

Remember that dead trees are rotting wood, which could fall and hurt someone. This is especially an issue if you have children or pets, as they’re more likely to cause parts of the tree to fall off but also more capable of being hurt. During a storm, parts of the dead tree are much more likely to come off and cause damage. You must get rid of that tree in order to make the area near it safe again.

They Can House Pests

Rotting, dry wood obviously attracts termites, which ties in with how dangerous they are. That’s a good enough reason to remove your dead tree, but they can also be an ideal home for birds and squirrels. That makes removing the tree later–when you really need to–much more difficult. Leaving that tree there will only be an issue for wildlife and you, so save yourself the headache and remove the tree now.

Spread of Disease

Some trees actually die because of airborne viruses that spreads from tree to tree. The mold that ends up killing them can turn into a powdery substance that can be swept up in a breeze. This means that a single infected tree can end up infecting an entirely different group of trees. Plus, it can even end up infecting other plants and even flowers. This could compromise your neighbor’s yards or even the rest of your own landscape.

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