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What Trees Should Always Be Avoided?


Some trees are either dangerous or just won’t grow in Maryland climates.

Whether you are installing new a tree in a brand new subdivision or choosing a charming new addition to your front yard, there are some trees that you should always avoid. Some trees are not made for the Maryland climate and can lead to disastrous and deadly results. Here are some of the trees that you should never plant around your residential or commercial property.

Dangerous Trees

Many of these dangerous trees can be spotted around the region due to poor or ignorant planning. They have many different problems, including growth that is so rapid it ruins the structural integrity of the tree and trees that break easily.

  • Silver Maple saplings grow so quickly that they cannot sustain the health of the tree. They have brittle bark that leads to tree branch breakage. The root system is also known for being strong and ruining concrete foundations and sidewalks.
  • Willows are beautiful in pictures but a nightmare in reality. They have weak wood that can crack underneath the weight of the drooping branches. Willows also have short life spans of about 30 years, so they are not a good investment for your home.
  • The Eucalyptus tree is from Australia and not appropriate for growing in Maryland. They have a heavy resin that breaks and can lead to injuries and landscaping damage.
  • Bradford Pears are very common in subdivisions throughout Maryland and you can recognize them by the nasty smell that they emit. Their branches are very weak and are known for snapping and falling off.
  • Sweet Gum trees make spiky seeds that populate many local yards. While the balls themselves are not dangerous, they can cause injuries if you have pets or children.
  • Honey Locust trees grow very rapidly, so they can be hard to prune and maintain.

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