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Why Tree Pruning Matters

Tree pruning may be more important than you realize, but how?

Tree pruning is one of the most important things that homeowners and commercial property owners can do to maintain their landscaping. Regular tree pruning is the best way to ensure that every tree in your yard is in an optimal state of health, growing in the right direction, and not in a dangerous position for your home or power lines. Tree pruning should be a regular part of your outdoor maintenance, and here’s why.

Tree Pruning Beautifies Your Yard

Trees that are un-pruned can completely ruin the way that the rest of your landscaping and hardscaping appear to people passing by your home. Any dead limbs or damaged areas of trees are easily noticeable, and they dramatically detract from the perceived value of your home. Instead of making a bad first impression on the outside of your home, schedule regular tree pruning to keep your yard looking beautiful. Tree pruning helps to ensure that your tree canopies are properly shaped, that all areas are evened out, and that the trees are not putting you or your family in danger.

Tree Pruning Encourages Growth

Just like you go to the hair stylist to for regular trims to keep your hair growing, your tree needs regular tree pruning to keep it growing. The trees in your yard, especially young trees or delicate trees, need to be professionally pruned regularly to have optimal growth. If you invest in your trees, through regular pruning, they will be less likely to be uprooted or damaged during summer storms.

Tree Pruning Protects Your Family

Tree pruning’s primary goal is to get rid of any damaged branches and identify diseases on trees before they are permanently damaged. Trees that are diseased, dying, or damaged are at a high risk of falling onto your yard or your home. It’s essential that tree pruning is done before summer storm season and the weight of winter snow to protect your family.

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