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How Do Trees Benefit Cities?


Trees are always an added benefit to a landscape, but they bring huge advantages to cities.

Where would we be without trees? Nowhere good! Trees are one of the most remarkable things in our daily environment and they provide us materials to build the homes that we live in, the oxygen that we breathe, and the products that we use for our daily lives. While trees obviously offer benefits anywhere that they are planted, they offer particularly notable benefits to cities.

Trees Help Accelerate the Healing Process

Fresh air and a nice tree are good for us, but did you know that they can actually help to heal ailments and injuries more quickly? Just looking on a garden or area of planted trees can accelerate healing from surgery and infections. Trees in cities also help to reduce stress levels and boost your immune system.

Lowered Levels of Violence

This might sound like a pretty radical claim, but trees in cities can actually help to reduce levels of violence as well. Recent research studies have shown that, when regularly exposed to green spaces, feelings of negativity and stress are lowered. Lower levels of stress and fewer negative feelings mean city dwellers who interact in positive ways with one another. Tree friends also help to encourage closer-knit community bonds by making green spaces for people to interact with each other, which indirectly increases surveillance in the community and discourages criminal activity.

Boost the Economy

Trees can increase retail sales and add value to homes in urban areas. Shoppers consistently rank commercial spaces with trees more attractive, so they are more interested in spending their time (and their money) in them. Tree-lined streets also help to naturally slow down traffic, so customers feel more comfortable browsing without pressure.

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