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What Does Compacted Soil Mean for Tree Health?

Tree Health

Compacted soil can have a huge impact on tree health so it’s important to be aware!

Trees are an important part of the environment and can be a vital aspect of your landscape design. Maintaining tree health can be a very rewarding process but most people may not understand what is happening beneath the surface when we water trees. A common problem among trees is compacted soil. Invisible to the naked eye, compacted soil can prevent your current trees from growing healthily and also makes it harder for new trees to develop properly.

What Causes It?

Compacted soil is caused when the soil is pressed and weights down by heavy equipment like lawnmowers or foot traffic. These incidents pack the particles of soil closer together making it much more difficult for water and nutrients to flow through to the roots. This lack of nutrients from water and air flow spell disaster for tree health and growth.

How to Check Your Soil

If you are wondering whether your soil is compacted, take a screwdriver and push it down into your soil. If it is difficult to press it down, your soil is compacted. Another option for the identification of compacted soil is cutting a chunk of your soil. Compacted soil will look grayish, dry and dull.

How to Fix It

For the minor problem, you can fix it by mixing compost into the first eight to ten inches of soil and creating a ring of mulch around the tree. Another at home fix is adding earthworms. These critters eat through compacted soil, helping you restore a normal balance and flow of air and water to the tree. If the problem is more dire and not resolving on its own, it is advisable to call an arborist. A professional who knows about tree health can use different mulching techniques designed to increase airflow and has the know how to help you prevent this from happening again.

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